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Full Use of High Potential



A global company with HQ in Europe and one of the major players in its industry was seeking to develop its high potential managers worldwide. The company was aiming to help them make the most of their staff diversity, to develop further their  management skills, support them on better understanding the company strategies, as well as applying the company’s competence model in their practice as managers.



A long-term project was designed by one of our partners and we took responsibility for the roll out in Latin America, for many years. We adjusted the content and settings to the cultural aspects from the participating countries and facilitated a quite intense and transformational workshop, for several different groups of high potential managers in the region.




Follow-ups over the long term have shown that the managers have become more effective in their roles and in applying the competence model in their daily practice. They have also enriched their work by interacting with a diverse group of colleagues and engaging more intensely in the strategic issues of the company.

Developing Leaders in the Long Run



An international banking group asked us to develop a Leadership Development Program for their top 50 executives. They stressed that the main goal was to prepare participants to improve skills in order to be capable of taking on more senior positions, with more responsibilities and autonomy.



We customized a version of LAMP – Leading And Managing People course, with four workshop modules, self-assessment and individual coaching, combined with Action Learning Projects organized in trios. At the end of the 18-month long program, the organization implemented 360 feedback and we coached all participating executives to design individual development plans for their continuous growth.




After the first module the participants were so enthusiastic about the course that management decided to start a second group in parallel. The course was later cascaded to eight groups in all, totaling 180 participants over a four-year period. Management noticed significant changes in behavior, including people taking more initiatives, making better decisions, and motivating their staff more effectively.

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