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Development Programs

We can create a unique, personalized development program designed to meet your specific needs

Examples of possible interventions


Leading And Managing People

LAMP is a powerful in-house Leadership Development program combining self-assessment using certified tools, feedback from peers, individual coaching sessions with the program facilitator, action-learning projects to address real company issues, and four workshop modules totaling nine days spread over a twelve-month period. The combination of these approaches maximizes the impact of this learning experience: participants have recommended this time and again for their colleagues.


Over 500 executives from different companies have already enjoyed customized versions of the program, tailored to the specific interests of each organization. Groups are typically 25 people in size and formed according to criteria discussed with each client. Usually an organization will have a total target group of 100 people or more going through the program.


Results have been praised by company CEO’s, who mentioned: increased initiative-taking and autonomy; more ownership for self-development; greater delegation; improved performance management; better understanding of organizational strategy; and increased cooperation across business lines.

Example overview of a LAMP program

Self-Assessment, first coaching session and making an Individual Development Plan (IDP).

Module 1

Leading Change in Organizations and in your own performance; Strategy and Culture.

Module 3

Performance Management; follow-up of Individual Development Plan with an emphasis on practical application of learning; presentation of three projects.

Module 2

Basics of Leadership and Management; setting up trios to develop action-learning projects.

Module 4

Career Development and Life Stages; presentation of remaining projects; Working in Teams and Across Teams; Giving and Receiving Feedback.

Between each module and the next, the facilitator of the program provides an individual coaching session with each participant.

The Rope

Real Team Building

Our team-building programs are always customized to a team’s specific situation. For some teams we have run two-day programs; for others, we have stretched a program for up to six half-day encounters over a one-year period. It all depends on the team’s situation and what they aim to achieve with team building.

The best approach is always to address real work challenges, while coaching the leader and the team members to tackle issues around values and emotions. This process includes providing the team with tools that they can later use amongst themselves, without the presence of a facilitator, to solve both technical and interpersonal issues more effectively in an on-going basis.


Over 50 teams from different organizations have gone through our Real Team Building programs, and they have reported results such as: greater engagement with the company among team members; increased effectiveness; more efficient and quick communication; better management of conflicts; improved business results and greater pride in achieving them.

Example of a typical two-day program

    Day 1


Conceptual Framework

Building Trust

Positive Critical Feedback

Impact of Culture

Acknowledging Complementary Skills

Real Play

    Day 2

Clarifying Common Purpose

Agreeing on Way of Working

Finding synergy in a team

Team Self-Assessment Round 1

Optimizing team resources

Team Self-Assessment Round 2

Feedback Exercise

Making Commitments

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