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Who We Are

Fernando Lanzer Pereira de Souza

Jussara Nunes Pereira de Souza

Fernando is a consultant and facilitator on Leadership and Organization Development (OD) issues in over 50 countries.


As a Human Resources executive for more than 28 years, he led strategic change and OD interventions in the organizations he worked for. As a consultant he accumulated 10 years of experience with companies from very different industries.


Fernando is a Psychologist with a specialization in Organization Development at UFRGS. He is also certified in Management Effectiveness Seminars (W.J. Reddin, London), Entrepreneurial Competencies Development (MSI – Washington D.C.), Organizational Culture and International Culture Management (ITIM International). He chaired the Supervisory Group of AIESEC International, the largest international student internships organization in the world.


Fernando is Dutch-Brazilian, author of numerous articles and several books, including: “Take Off Your Glasses” (2012), “Cruzando Culturas” (2013), “Bedtime Stories for Corporate Executives, The Meaning Tree” (2015), Leading Across Cultures (2017) and Organisational Culture and Climate (2018).

Jussara is a management consultant, facilitator and coach in leadership, individual assessments, team development and cross-cultural relations. She has over 25 years of experience in these fields, providing services to international clients in Africa, Europe and Latin America. Jussara often works in partnership with ITIM International, KIT (The Royal Tropical Institute) and British consultancy The Oxford Group.


Dutch-Brazilian, she is a psychologist and pedagogue, certified by the European Association for Supervision and Coaching (EASC); by FGV São Paulo in Human Resources Management; by SBDG Brazil in Group Dynamics; by Management System International (MSI) in Entrepeneurial Competencies Development; and by ITIM International in Intercultural Management and Organizational Culture Management.


Jussara led a major research project (the largest of its kind ever done) on Brazilian culture, sponsored by Instituto de Marketing Industrial (IMI) in cooperation with the Institute for Research on Intercultural Cooperation (IRIC).


Nires Cristina Strachicini

Cristina is a psychologist, an executive coach and facilitator. For many years she worked as an HR executive, leading projects and facilitating training programs in Latin America and the Caribbean, covering an extensive sort of industries. Currently working as an independent consultant, she provides bilingual coaching and training services for corporate teams and individuals.


Cristina also works as a volunteer for the International Coach Federation (ICF), as a Board Member at ICF Brazil Chapter and Board Member of the ICF Latin America Regional Council, helping with the development of the professional coaching community.

Reynold Chandansingh

An experienced line and change manager with technical and business management background, Reynold is keen on translating strategy into practical applications on the work floor. He is also the author of many articles on change leadership and people management, notably on “doing different things and doing things differently.” His most recent work as coach and facilitator has focused on helping people build skills as leaders and storytellers, in order to involve others in an engaging way.

Marie Christine Tseng

Marie excels in bringing together diverse people or teams. She founded Cultural Impact Sdn Bhd in 2010 and has since trained hundreds of executives on cultural awareness in different industries and different countries in South-East Asia. 


She has lived in 8 different countries over the past 25 years: Malaysia as well as France, Taiwan, UK, Netherlands, Brazil, Singapore, and Indonesia. Founder of a consultancy-procurement office in Taiwan and cross-cultural trainer with the Royal Tropical Institute (KIT) in the Netherlands and ITIM Brazil, she has worked with large corporations including ABN-AMRO, AH Hold, Philips, BASF, and Heineken.


Marie also has solid experience in establishing and managing large multicultural volunteer groups in collaboration with governmental institutions in South-East Asia. Marie has an MA from the Normandy Businesss School, France, and studied in Fu Jen Catholic University, Taiwan. She is certified with the Intercultural Readiness Check. A native French speaker, she is fluent in English and Mandarin, and has knowledge of Malay/Indonesian, Dutch, Spanish and Portuguese.

Mario Marrey Sanchez

Mário is a Business Administrator and Psychologist with a Master’s degree in Banking and Finance from the University of North Wales. Mário is a certified coach affiliated with ICF and lives in São Paulo, Brazil. He has extensive experience as a consultant and facilitator helping companies address financial restructuring, business management and strategy issues.


His focus has shifted to the people side of business, with an emphasis on managing conflicts, leading change, team building and organizational culture development.

Francis Valdivia de Matos

Francis is an organizational consultant working on team development, shaping new generations of family businesses, management by competencies and assessment of executives and professionals in general. She has thirty years of experience in large corporations and as a consultant.


Currently she works in Brazil and in Spanish-speaking countries. She is also a university professor at the Brazilian business school Fundação Dom Cabral. Francis has a Master’s degree in social psychology, post-graduation in group dynamics from the Brazilian Society for Group Dynamics (SBDG) and in coaching from the Newfield Consulting (Spain).

Vera Susana Lassance Moreira

Vera has a PHD in Administration, a Masters degree in Social Psychology, and university qualifications in Psychology, Development Consultancy and Coaching. She is a teacher of FGV, and of other MBA programs. She has worked as an HR executive for different companies and industries over many years, and she has consolidated a career as an HR consultant.


Her specialties are Training and Development of Leadership, and Human Relationships. Vera is also the owner of the Brazilian consultancy Xave Comportamento Organizational.



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